Emily Van Zandt

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Emily at a glance

Favorite Meal: The rind of brie cheese
Foreign county you’d like to visit: Ireland
Dream job: Cocktail and beer writer for a national magazine
Favorite all-time song: Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
TV show you never miss: No cable, but I do like to Netflix binge on '90s shows like Fraiser
Most memorable concert: Side stage for Odd Future's performance at Pitchfork '11
Favorite snack: Nutella and pretzels
Favorite movie: St. Elmo's Fire
Tourist attraction you most want to visit: The birthplace of Paul Bunyon in Bangor, ME
Celebrity you’d most like to meet: Emma Stone


Emily Van Zandt became an Arkansan in 2012 after stints covering entertainment and nightlife in Kansas City and Chicago. She was brought on board as a writer for Sync in 2013.

A native of Jefferson City, Missouri and a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Emily spent her first years out of college in Kansas City. While reporting for the Kansas City Star she developed a love for whiskey cocktails and dive bar food, which served her well as a nightlife reporter for Chicago commuter publication RedEye from 2010-2012.

Emily's writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Arkansas Life, The Kansas City Star, the Jefferson City News Tribune and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

When she's not in the newsroom or spending quality research time eating and drinking in Little Rock, Emily prefers to be on her iPhone and laptop simultaneously while watching teen-targeted sitcoms on Netflix.

She freely expresses her thoughts on pop culture, beer, the South and rap music circa '99 on Twitter at @vanzandt.